Ravn, S. & Churchill, B. (2019) ‘Making pathways? A mixed methods analysis of young women who have left school early in “the new work order”‘. Journal of Sociology, vol. 55 (4), pp. 637–653.

Much research has investigated how young women with tertiary education fare in contemporary labour markets and pointed to persistent gender inequalities. However, very little is known about how young women who leave school early fare in the present climate. In this article we shed light on the challenges facing these women in the ‘new work order’. Drawing on quantitative and qualitative methods, we investigate how young Australian women who have left school before completing upper secondary education fare, and how they make choices regarding education and work as they envision their futures. Our analyses reveal a perceived and real tension between education and ‘real’ experience in the labour market. This leaves young women without upper secondary qualifications in a difficult position when making decisions about their futures.

Image: Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

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