Girls Growing Up in Changing Times and Places explores young women’s experiences of growing up in communities undergoing substantial changes due to changing labour markets. The project is interested in what such changes mean for how young women with interrupted schooling pathways think about their future; what they hope this will bring; and where they think it will take them.

With this research, Signe listens to the voices of young women themselves; what they think; and how they experience their day-to-day lives and their communities. To be able to capture changing situations and plans, she interviews the participants a number of times over up to two years. Each interview focuses on different topics and uses different creative methods such as maps, photos, and life charts.

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Why a research project on young people who have left school early? And why a focus on women? Read more …

Aims & Objectives

This project seeks to move away from a deficit approach to young school-leavers and instead explores how resources and connections, as well as challenges and disconnections, play into how young women navigate their everyday lives and imagine their futures. Read more …


Girls Growing Up is led by Dr Signe Ravn, a sociologist in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Read about Signe’s background here.

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